Tax Consequences of Selling Your Business

“In this world nothing can be said to certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin Tax Consequences of Selling Your Business in South Florida Nobody wants to pay taxes, but knowing a little about the tax law and how to minimize your taxes comes in very handy when it comes to selling a business. … Read more

How to Sell A Healthcare Company

Healthcare Business Sales in South Florida Healthcare related businesses in the South Florida market are always in demand. Our area’s high Medicare and senior citizen population, along with the constant influx of baby boomers, make healthcare companies in South Florida a hot commodity among many investors and entrepreneurs. Home-healthcare companies, physical therapy centers, nurse registries, … Read more

Interpreting An Owner’s Salary

Owner’s Salary Affects the Purchase Price of Businesses Many business owners choose to pay themselves (or their spouses) a salary. ‘Salary’ refers to wages received as a W2 employee of the company. In and of itself, this should never pose a problem when it comes time to selling your business. Still, many buyers do not … Read more

What is ‘Formal Due Diligence’ and When Does it Start?

Conduct Due Diligence Before Purchasing A Business.  In a general sense, due diligence in the context of business sales refers to researching and analyzing a business in preparation for a  transaction. But what is ‘formal due diligence’? When should it start? Formal due diligence refers to the buyer’s investigatory phase of a business when the … Read more

Remember: You’re In Charge!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill Have Confidence When Buying or Selling Businesses Selling or purchasing a business requires confidence. A seller must have the confidence that the asking price is fair, and the buyer must have the confidence that the price … Read more

Buying and Selling Franchised Businesses

Franchise Sales in South Florida Franchises are quite common these days. There are nearly 800,000 franchised businesses in the United States. Everything from pizza places to hotels are offered via franchises.  Because of the excellent climate and demographics, many buyers wish to purchase franchised businesses in the South Florida area. When it comes time to … Read more