Which business broker should you choose? What are the most important qualities you should look for in a business broker? These are very important questions to ask yourself, as it may mean the difference between a success and failure when it comes to selling your business.

First, my knowledge and experience of virtually all industries encompassing Palm Beach County businesses gives me a decided edge. In short, it is almost certain that I know your industry and even the ‘lingo’ used in your industry.  Why? Because I’ve listed and sold businesses in virtually every type of industry, and have detailed notes and experience about each and every one!  For example, when selling most healthcare companies it is important to  transition new ownership under ‘AHCA’ rules, when selling highly skilled trade businesses in construction related businesses it is important to know who serves as the ‘qualifier’,  and when selling coin laundromats it is important to know why the utility bills are a good way (and usually the only way) for a buyer to gauge the success of the business.  The list goes on as far as knowing the salon, restaurant, landscape, franchise, retail, and many other service oriented companies. Knowing the industries,  knowing which questions buyers will ask, and knowing which critical information to obtain so a deal can close properly with no surprises is of paramount importance.

Second, I know how to price the business properly, and to prepare the business owner for a successful sale. Pricing a business properly is probably the most overlooked aspect of the role of a business broker. I have seen countless businesses advertised as way overpriced (with totally inaccurate or misleading advertised financials), as well as many businesses being too underpriced by brokers unaware of its true value. My business background and knowledge of accounting gives me a decided edge in looking for the right ‘add-backs’ in order to show the true nature of your financials – and hence give you the best price possible for your business. More importantly, unlike many other brokers, my listings do not mislead buyers as to the business’s true profit picture. This only serves to waste everyone’s time (and money) because during due diligence a buyer will find out the true profit picture anyway!

Third, unlike with some of the bigger firms, you will only deal with me and I am always accessible via phone or email. Surprisingly, picking up the phone or promptly returning phone calls is actually pretty rare in my industry. You will never deal with an assistant or an ‘agent’.  Only the owner/principal broker (me). 

Lastly, I present my listings in the most effective manner, and spare no expense when it comes to advertising all my listings in a CONFIDENTIAL way.  My advertising and marketing efforts go out nationwide and also worldwide to attract overseas visa-seeking buyers.  My database of qualified buyers goes back many years and contains thousands of prospects. However, your confidentiality as a seller (including the specific location of your business) is publicly protected at all times. Without the right protections in place to protect your confidentiality, your entire business’s value is jeopardized.

Martin Berliant

Principal Broker/Owner