Who Should I Contact to Sell My Business?

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein Experience Matters in Business Sales Many business owners spend the vast majority of their working life never once thinking about how to sell their business. They are rightfully concerned with operating and hopefully growing their business, and correctly focus their energy into creating a successful […]

How Accounts Receivables Impacts Business Sales

What Are Accounts Receivables? Accounts receivables represents money that is owed to a business by a customer or payor for services rendered or products sold. Any customer account that must be collected after the completed transaction is a part of a company’s accounts receivables. Actually collecting on such account may become problematic. After all, since […]

Your Business Exit Strategy

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” -Winston Churchill Every Business Owner Should Have An Exit Strategy A business exit strategy is the means by which an entrepreneur or business owner will liquidate or sell their ownership stake in a business.  Options include going public as an Initial Public Offering ‘IPO’, selling to […]

How To Sell A Physical Therapy Center

Strong Demand for Physical Therapy Centers in South Florida Physical Therapy clinics provide treatment for patients in need of physical rehabilitation. Common reasons to seek physical therapy are for back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, car accidents, and orthopedic post-surgical care. Licensed physical therapists must evaluate the patient and oversee all clinical treatments, but oftentimes […]

How Leasehold Rights Can Improve the Value of Your Business

What are Leasehold Rights? A leasehold right is the temporary right of a commercial tenant to occupy and use leased property. The leasehold right is memorialized in writing via a lease between the current occupant (or business owner) and the landlord. A commercial lease invariably allows for the transfer of the leasehold rights to a […]

What Documents Are Needed to Sell Your Business?

Having the Right Documents Generally Leads to A Higher Purchase Price In the initial business evaluation between the seller and the business broker, the seller should be asked to provide certain documents that enables the business broker to price and list the business properly. A well prepared seller with the right documents generally leads to […]

Using Section 1031 Exchanges for Business Sales

Section 1031 Exchanges Have A Limited but Significant Role In Business Sales No seller desires to pay taxes after selling their business. Long term capital gains taxes can be as high as 20 percent of the purchase price (and may increase!). Unfortunately, Section 1031 Exchanges have limited application to most business sellers because the favorable […]

How to Properly Sell Your Convenience Store

Convenience stores can be a very profitable business for savvy operators with good locations and well run stores.  Many convenience stores are absentee-run which make excellent passive investments. Let’s explore the key factors in assessing the value of a convenience store, and the best way to price a convenience store for sale. Valuing Convenience Stores […]

Funding Your Business with Business Loan Brokers

Business Loan Brokers Help Fund Businesses Business loan brokers (or commercial loan brokers) help business owners qualify for and receive commercial loans that suit their unique business financing needs. The business loan brokers are paid a percentage of the loan that the business owner receives. Such commercial loans have a role to play when businesses […]

How Much Does it Cost to Sell A Business in Palm Beach County?

The Cost of Selling A Business in Palm Beach County Selling a business is not without costs, but most of those costs (including the commission) are not incurred until and unless the business actually sells. The average commission cost is at least ten percent for small businesses, and in many cases may be the only […]