What is A Good Service Business to Buy in Florida?

Service Businesses in Florida A service business creates value by selling intangible skills, whereas a retail business creates value by selling tangible products. The difference is key because a service business has no need to carry inventory and does not necessarily need a retail location (with much higher rents). Some service businesses (such as beauty […]

Do I Need A Business License in Palm Beach County?

State and Local Business Licenses: A Key Part of Any Business Sale Before buying or selling a business, one must think carefully about what licenses are necessary to own and operate the business, as well as what licenses may transfer with the sale of the business. A seller should disclose what government licenses they operate […]

What Makes A Buyer ‘Serious’ About Purchasing A Business

Sellers of Businesses Only Should Deal With Serious Buyers Business sellers should not have to deal with buyers who are not serious about buying their business. A key benefit of being represented by a business broker is not having to waste time, energy, and expense on meeting and dealing with buyers who are unqualified or […]

What is An E2 Business Visa?

When it comes time to sell your business in South Florida, a large amount of potential buyers are foreigners wanting to legally enter and live in the United States by obtaining an E2 Visa. Such E2 Visa buyers may be seeking to purchase businesses in many different industries and at all sorts of price points. […]

What Assets Are Included in the Typical Business Sale?

South Florida Business Sales: Know What is Typically Included All business owners should be aware of what to expect when it comes time to sell their business.  A key aspect of what to expect includes understanding what is or is not included in the sale. This way the seller will be armed with the correct […]

Understanding Private Equity Transactions in Business Sales

Private Equity Transactions for High End Business Sales A private equity buyer refers to a group of institutional or accredited investors that have pooled their capital together for the purposes of investors or buying private or public companies.  Private equity transactions for businesses priced over $500K are more and more frequent, so let’s explore the […]

Making an Offer to Purchase A Business

Defining an Offer and Its Importance to Buying A Business An offer is the most important step that a buyer makes toward actually purchasing a business. Legally, an offer is a specific proposal necessary to create a contract with another. An offer and an acceptance to the offer creates a contract. In purchasing a business, […]

The Role and Importance of the Non-Compete When Selling Your Business

The Non-Compete Agreement Is Critical Business Sales A non-compete agreement in the context of business sales governs the extent (in length and geographic breadth) to which the seller of the business may ‘compete’ with the buyer’s business after the closing. In general terms, Florida statute and courts enforce non-competes so long as they are ‘reasonable’ […]

The Basics of SBA Lending for Business Sales

Use the SBA to Your Advantage as the Buyer and Seller of Businesses Business sales which are financed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) may afford the buyer an opportunity to purchase the business of their dreams that they otherwise would not have.  Sellers of businesses may similarly take advantage of SBA-lending backed sales to […]

Analyzing Structural Formats of Businesses Sales in South Florida

Understand the Structural Formats for Business Sales Before buying or selling a business, one needs to know how exactly that will be accomplished. Whether it be for tax purposes or legal purposes, both parties should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different structural formats of the sale. The three main structural formats […]