Selling A Car Wash in South Florida

South Florida Car Washes Are Attractive Investments Car washes represent a very attractive investment for many different types of investors in South Florida.  Car washes with self-contained and privately owned facilities (separate and apart from gas stations) invariably includes real estate along with valuable plant and equipment. Many buyers ranging from private equity investors, serial […]

How to Sell Liquor Stores in South Florida

Liquor Stores in South Florida Always In Demand Liquor stores in South Florida are viewed by many buyers as stable and sound investments. The consumption of alcohol rarely goes out of style, and there are significant barriers of entry to new competitors by virtue of the high cost to open a liquor store and the […]

How to Sell Restaurants in A ‘Buyer’s Market’

Restaurant Industry Is Now In A ‘Buyer’s Market’ It is no secret that the coronavirus was not kind to the restaurant industry. Indeed, approximately 1 out of 6 restaurants closed  within six months of the start of the pandemic. Many restaurants have since rebounded, often by emphasizing take-out or delivery. Nevertheless, there is an unusually […]

Seller-Financed Business Transactions

Seller-Financed Business Transactions Not for Everyone The great majority of business sellers deservedly want and expect to get paid in full at closing. Once a deal closes, the buyer receives the business being sold, and the seller expects to receive the money for the business at closing. In reality, however, many business deals are partially […]

Ensure A Smooth Transition When Selling Your Business

Post-Closing Transition Critically Important For Business Buyers Ensuring a smooth hand-over of a business from the seller to the buyer is of utmost importance when it comes time to sell a business. Buyers frequently need to be assured that the seller will help the buyer overcome a myriad of transitional issues after the sale occurs. […]

Understanding A ‘Business for Sale’ Advertisement

What is A Business Sale Advertisement? Unlike typical advertisements for real estate on the MLS or other websites, advertisements for businesses are confidential and do not disclose the actual name or specific location of the business being advertised. They are commonly referred to as ‘blind ads‘ and a buyer must be qualified and sign a […]

What is an Owner Absentee Business?

Absentee Owned Businesses in South Florida When it comes time to selling your business, it is very helpful to understand whether or not your business is absentee owned, and how the degree of absenteeism will affect the sales process.  An absentee owned business is very unique because the owner has managed to create (or inherit) […]

How to Sell Auto Repair Businesses in South Florida

Establish Best Asking Price for Your Auto Shop Auto repair businesses can be very profitable and rewarding for a savvy owner-operator. They are generally recession-resistant and fairly insulated from new competition due to restrictive zoning laws. Seen as steady income-producing assets, there are many types of buyers seeking to purchasing auto repair companies in South […]

Can I Sell My Business Online?

Selling a business online by means of  a ‘FSBO’ (or For Sale By Owner) is explored by many sellers of businesses in South Florida.  Understanding how the FSBO ultimately works in reality is critical before one ventures down this path. Ultimately, such FSBO sellers usually find themselves seeking representation by a business broker if they […]

Find A Florida Business Broker to Help Sell My Business

Locating the Right Business Broker in Florida Finding the right business broker in Florida to help sell your business is not an easy task. It may even seem overwhelming for the uninitiated business seller who only has experience in dealing with residential real estate agents.  The business broker in Florida that you choose should be […]