How to Sell Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons Can Be Excellent Investments A beauty salon can make an excellent investment for both active owner-operators and more passive owners who seldom if ever work in the salon.¬†Beauty salons are relatively recession-resistant, as 58% of Americans in a recent survey said they would not cut spending on beauty or personal care services even … Read more

Is My Business Saleable?

What Is A Saleable Business? A saleable business has value above and beyond its liquidation value, and therefore has value as an operating entity. The liquidation value is the tangible value of a business. This includes any cash, accounts receivable, land, and physical equipment. The sale of tangible assets involves auction costs from selling equipment … Read more

Three Common Reasons for Why People Sell Their Business

Why Do Business Owners Choose to Sell? Whether their business exit strategy involves selling to a competitor, family member, or to private party, most business owners eventually want a change of lifestyle and financial security. The change of lifestyle is often sought due to the relentless pressure of time and stress imposed upon many business … Read more

Maximize the Purchase Price When Selling Your Business

Obtain The Best Possible Purchase Price for Your Business When it comes time to sell, every business owner’s goal is to realize the highest possible purchase price for their business. While the sales process must be kept confidential, every seller’s ultimate goal is to ensure their own financial freedom and security.¬† Hiring the right business … Read more

The Purpose of the ‘Closing’ in a Business Sale

What Is A Business ‘Closing’? The final and last step of a business sale is the closing. Frequently conducted electronically, a business closing is where the written closing documents are signed and exchanged and the seller receives payment as called for in the purchase agreement. The parties may also reimburse one another for any customer … Read more

Selling Commercial and Residential Landscaping Routes

Selling a Landscaping Company Before selling a landscaping company, it is critical to understand whether it serves residential or commercial customers. Residential landscaping customers refer to individual homeowners. Commercial landscaping customers refer to commercial entities representing multiple homeowners such as Home Owner Associations (HOAs). The differences between residential and commercial customers deeply affect the way … Read more

What is Adjusted Owner Benefit?

Adjusted Owner Benefit The adjusted owner benefit is the standard way by which business brokers express what is commonly perceived as the net profits of a business. Some business brokers refer to the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) when referencing the adjusted owner benefit. Many people simply look at the ‘bottom line’ net profit on a … Read more

Find the Best Business Broker

Hiring the Best Business Broker The most critical step in selling one’s business is hiring the best possible business broker. The business broker will often be entrusted with confidentially selling a business that represents a business owner’s lifetime of hard work and perseverance. Maintaining a confidential sale throughout the sales process and obtaining the best … Read more

How to Treat Inventory When Selling Your Business

Inventory in Business Sales Inventory is often a key component in the sale of many retail-related businesses. A business’s inventory must be properly valued and defined in order to facilitate a smooth business sale. Because inventory fluctuates (often dramatically), it is usually appropriate for the asking price of a business to not include inventory. Rather, … Read more

How to Sell A Dry Cleaner Business

Selling A Dry Cleaner Business There has always been a thriving market for the purchase and sale of dry cleaner businesses throughout South Florida. While the overall dry cleaning industry has been declining for many years due to the work from home trend and increasing environmental regulations, there remains a well defined niche for profitable … Read more