Sell Your Business Confidentially

A Confidential Business Sale Requires Experienced Business Broker Today’s business sellers are often very concerned with their confidentiality during the sales process. Most sellers of businesses do not want their customers, employees, vendors, or the general public to know that their business is for sale. Such business sellers fear the loss of business or loss […]

How Higher Interests Rates Affect Business Sales

Higher Inflation Means Higher Interest Rates During an economic cycle, the appearance of inflation causes the value of purchasing dollars to fall. Lenders then get paid in dollars that are worth less, and will in turn demand higher interest rates in order to combat depreciating effects of inflation. Since inflation seems to be an ever […]

How Business Brokers Should Advertise Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

What is Seller’s Discretionary Earnings? The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) or owner benefit of a business is another way of referring to the total annual economic benefit that a single owner-operator would derive from a business. This is the key and critical characteristic of any small business. It tells a buyer whether and to what […]

How to Sell A “Turnkey” Business

What Is A Turnkey Business? A turnkey business describes a business that is ready to use in its existing condition by a buyer immediately upon transfer.  Importantly, the business must be functioning correctly and at full capacity when received by the buyer in order to truly be considered a turnkey business. Start-up businesses may qualify […]

Do Business Brokers Specialize In Specific Types of Businesses?

Business Brokers Generally Do Not Specialize Hiring the right business broker to sell one’s business is a very serious task. The seller of a business has often devoted the majority of their working life to the business, and rightfully expects the broker entrusted with the sale to be well informed and knowledgeable about the industry […]

Flipping A Business

What is Flipping A Business? When the real estate market heats up, many investors attempt to flip properties.  This is attempted by buying distressed properties (for cash), fixing them up, and then within a few months flipping the properties or selling them at a significantly higher price. Some investors have had success with such an […]

Three Negotiating Tips for Business Sales

Negotiating Business Sales In the course of selling or buying a business, most parties engage in some level of negotiation over the terms of the deal. Sometimes this negotiation may lead to the deal falling apart and sometimes this may lead to a deal’s amicable resolution. Assuming that both parties want to make a deal, […]

Valuing Service Businesses Compared to Retail Businesses

What is A Service or Retail Business? The different characteristics of service and retail-related businesses may significantly play a large part in how they are ultimately valued. Retail businesses generally have a retail-oriented location that is open to the public and from which they sell goods or products directly to consumers. Service businesses may be […]

How Can I Sell An Unprofitable Business?

Selling An Unprofitable Business Selling an unprofitable business is not an easy task. Normally, most buyers will be quite reluctant to take over a business that is losing money. As a result, they will only be willing to pay the worth (or a discount to the worth) of the company’s tangible assets (physical assets or […]

What is the Quickest Way to Sell A Business?

A Quick Business Sale Some business owners may be faced with a situation where they are forced to sell their business as quickly as possible. Typically, family or health issues will be the cause of needing an unusually quick sale. Under these circumstances, a business seller should organize their company’s financials and company records in […]