What Assets Are Included in the Typical Business Sale?

South Florida Business Sales: Know What is Typically Included All business owners should be aware of what to expect when it comes time to sell their business.  A key aspect of what to expect includes understanding what is or is not included in the sale. This way the seller will be armed with the correct […]

Why Would Someone Sell A Profitable Business?

Odds are that when you began your business, selling it never crossed your mind. Unforeseeable situations that force the sale of a business unfortunately happen. These situations can come out of nowhere: a death, terminal illness, divorce or legal trouble. Those reasons are not usually publicly disclosed by the seller or their broker. Let’s discuss […]

What Is The Best Way To Sell Your Business?

Selling Businesses in South Florida Selling your business should never be a decision you make on a whim. Maybe you’ve decided the company has seen sufficient growth and you’re ready to cash in on it. Perhaps, an unexpected factor is forcing the sale. No matter what the reasoning behind wanting to sell your business, you […]

The Purchase and Sale of Online Businesses

Purchasing an Online Business The year 2020 saw an astonishing 44% rise of online retail purchases in the United States. The Corona Virus only accelerated a long term secular trend away from a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business model and toward the virtual one. Consequently, today’s business buyers increasingly seek to acquire online businesses. Let’s […]

The Role and Importance of the Non-Compete When Selling Your Business

The Non-Compete Agreement Is Critical Business Sales A non-compete agreement in the context of business sales governs the extent (in length and geographic breadth) to which the seller of the business may ‘compete’ with the buyer’s business after the closing. In general terms, Florida statute and courts enforce non-competes so long as they are ‘reasonable’ […]

The Basics of SBA Lending for Business Sales

Use the SBA to Your Advantage as the Buyer and Seller of Businesses Business sales which are financed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) may afford the buyer an opportunity to purchase the business of their dreams that they otherwise would not have.  Sellers of businesses may similarly take advantage of SBA-lending backed sales to […]

Analyzing Structural Formats of Businesses Sales in South Florida

Understand the Structural Formats for Business Sales Before buying or selling a business, one needs to know how exactly that will be accomplished. Whether it be for tax purposes or legal purposes, both parties should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different structural formats of the sale. The three main structural formats […]

How to Properly Evaluate and Sell Your Landscaping Company

Selling Your Landscape Company in South Florida Commercial or residential landscaping companies seem to be everywhere in Florida. Competition is fierce but profits can be very high for many companies with a large enough route that is run properly. Five Star Business Brokers Has Many Years of Experience Selling Landscaping Routes Five Star Business Brokers […]

The Importance of A ‘Blind Ad’ In Protecting the Seller’s Confidentiality

Advertising Your Business Confidentially Many people are confused when they search businesses for sale online and can not determine the actual identity of the business that is being offered for sale. That is because they are seeing what is called a ‘blind ad.’ A blind advertisement of a listed business: Should not say the actual […]

Communication: The Real Glue That Holds A Deal Together!

An Expert Business Broker Must Communicate Effectively A major factor in closing any business deal is communication. With honest, open, and accurate communication the buyer and seller of  a business deal will engender trust for one another and a successful closing is far more likely. Trust On Both Sides Key for A Successful Business Sale […]