Improve the Chances of Selling Your Business in 2022!

Sell Your Business in 2022 The sale of one’s business can be an emotional yet financially rewarding journey. Many business owners spend years painstakingly building up the value of their business through sacrifice and hard work, and should expect to receive the best possible purchase price when it comes time to sell. For the business […]

Closing Documents For A Successful Business Sale

Closing Documents for Business Sale Unlike a real estate transaction, business transactions requires far fewer documents and paperwork at closing. A business transaction is not recorded in any governmental registry and typically does not require the payment of state taxes (such as ‘doc stamp’ taxes).  Even though a business sale is purely a private affair, […]

What is A Business Appraisal?

Business Appraisal: Current Fair Market Value of Business A business appraisal is the means by which businesses may be formally valued in order to determine its current fair market value. The purpose of a business appraisal may inform the business owner as to their asking price in hopes of selling the business, but is usually […]

SBA Lending Terms Facilitate Business Sales

The SBA Facilitates Business Deals Many South Florida business buyers are frequently choosing to fund deals through lending backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA guarantees loans issued by banks for the purchase of businesses. Without the SBA-backed guaranty, traditional banks typically do not loan money toward the purchase of small businesses. The […]

3 Signs You May Want to Sell Your Business

Sell Your Business At A Time of Your Choosing In order to get the best possible price when selling a business, it is best that the sale takes place during a time of the seller’s own choosing. The seller should be choosing – not needing – to sell.  If the sale is forced, then the […]

The Next Steps After Listing Your South Florida Business

Sell Your Business the Right Way In order to confidentially sell a business for the best price possible, the most important step one can take is to properly list the business with a professional business broker. This entails signing a listing agreement that has the agreed upon asking price with the business broker. After the […]

Selling A Business with Attached Real Estate

How to Sell A Business with Attached Real Estate It is not uncommon for South Florida business owners to own the physical property (either a stand alone building or a unit such as an industrial bay or office condominium) housing their business. Indeed, when the business owner also owns the attached real estate it generally […]

Selling A Pawn Shop in South Florida

Valuing South Florida Pawn Shops Pawn shops can be very profitable businesses. Although operating in an industry that is not for everyone, pawn shops have limited competition by virtue of strict licensing and zoning laws. They have multiple revenue streams from retail revenue, repair revenue, and interest income from loans made from pawned items. Let […]

Sell Your Gym in South Florida

South Florida Gyms Can Make Excellent Investments Despite the problems wreaked by the Corona Virus to the the fitness industry, a well run gym still possesses very admirable business characteristics. Fitness centers normally have recurring revenues which business buyers are always seeking. Further, health club memberships have grown by 28% over the last decade. Gyms […]

Confidential Business Brokers in Palm Beach County

Business Brokers Maintain Confidentiality of Business Sale According to recent statistics, there are close to 200,000 licensed real estate professionals in the state of Florida. Only a small handful sell businesses full time as professional business brokers. Unlike other realtors, professionally trained business brokers understand the need for confidentiality in their overall communication with the […]