The Role and Importance of the Non-Compete When Selling Your Business

The Non-Compete Agreement Is Critical Business Sales A non-compete agreement in the context of business sales governs the extent (in length and geographic breadth) to which the seller of the business may ‘compete’ with the buyer’s business after the closing. In general terms, Florida statute and courts enforce non-competes so long as they are ‘reasonable’ […]

The Basics of SBA Lending for Business Sales

Use the SBA to Your Advantage as the Buyer and Seller of Businesses Business sales which are financed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) may afford the buyer an opportunity to purchase the business of their dreams that they otherwise would not have.  Sellers of businesses may similarly take advantage of SBA-lending backed sales to […]

Analyzing Structural Formats of Businesses Sales in South Florida

Understand the Structural Formats for Business Sales Before buying or selling a business, one needs to know how exactly that will be accomplished. Whether it be for tax purposes or legal purposes, both parties should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different structural formats of the sale. The three main structural formats […]

The Significance of Signing A Letter of Intent

Signing A Letter of Intent in A South Florida Business Sale At some point in the process of selling a business, a buyer may submit a Letter of Intent (frequently referred to as an LOI). The Typical Sales Process for A Business Sale Once a typical buyer signs a non-disclosure agreement and (if qualified) is […]

Communication: The Real Glue That Holds A Deal Together!

An Expert Business Broker Must Communicate Effectively A major factor in closing any business deal is communication. With honest, open, and accurate communication the buyer and seller of  a business deal will engender trust for one another and a successful closing is far more likely. Trust On Both Sides Key for A Successful Business Sale […]

E2 Visa Buyers: A Business Seller’s Best Friend

E2 Visa Buyers Purchase Many Businesses in South Florida In recent years, many non-U.S. citizens living overseas have gained U.S. citizenship by buying a business in the United States. A very common destination spot for such buyers is South Florida. In addition to the great weather and low taxes, our proximity to Central and South […]

Selling and Buying Healthcare Companies

Healthcare Business Sales in South Florida Healthcare related businesses in the South Florida market are always in demand. Our area’s high medicare and senior citizen population, along with the constant influx of baby boomers, make healthcare companies in South Florida a hot commodity among many investors and entrepreneurs. Home-healthcare companies, physical therapy centers, nurse registries, […]

What is ‘formal due diligence’ and when should it start?

Conducting Due Diligence Before Purchasing A Business.  In a general sense, due diligence refers to anything a buyer may do to investigate the business they are seeking to purchase. But what is ‘formal due diligence’? When should it start? When does it normally start? Let’s dive in with Martin at Five Star Business Brokers of […]

Remember: You’re In Charge!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill Importance of Having Confidence When Buying or Selling Businesses Selling or purchasing a business requires confidence. A seller must have the confidence that the price he or she is asking for the business is fair, and […]

Advice for Buyers and Sellers of Franchised Businesses

Franchise Sales in South Florida Franchises are quite common these days. Everything from pizza places to hotels are offered via franchises.  Because of the excellent cliamate and demographics, many buyers wish to purchase franchises in the south Florida area. When it comes time to sell or purchase an existing franchised business, only trust the sale […]