Are South Florida Business Sales Publicly Disclosed?

Business Sales Different from Real Estate Sales Many business owners who are contemplating the sale of their business may wonder whether the sale will be publicly disclosed. Often times, such potential sellers of businesses wonder whether the terms of the deal including the purchase price will be made public. In fact, privately owned business sales […]

Do Business Brokers Specialize In Specific Types of Businesses?

Business Brokers Generally Do Not Specialize Hiring the right business broker to sell one’s business is a very serious task. The seller of a business has often devoted the majority of their working life to the business, and rightfully expects the broker entrusted with the sale to be well informed and knowledgeable about the industry […]

Documents to Request Before Buying A Business

Buyer Must Prepare Document Request List Every buyer of a business should strive to uncover a sufficient amount of information about a business that justifies the buyer’s decision to purchase the business. This information gathering process typically takes place in stages, with the most thorough and confidential company information disclosed during the formal due diligence […]

What is A Business Appraisal?

Business Appraisal: Current Fair Market Value of Business A business appraisal is the means by which businesses may be formally valued in order to determine its current fair market value. The purpose of a business appraisal may inform the business owner as to their asking price in hopes of selling the business, but is usually […]

How to Sell Staffing Agencies

Selling A Staffing Agency It is no secret that our nation is currently facing a severe labor shortage. Demands for better pay and more flexible working conditions from workers along with changing demographics has resulted in low labor participation rates. Employers are finding it more and more difficult to find and hire staff.  Staffing agencies […]

Exploring the Characteristics of A Great Business

“It is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” -Warren Buffett Great Businesses Have A Competitive Advantage As famed investor and business expert Warren Buffett will tell you, what makes an ordinary business a wonderful business is its competitive advantage. The bigger the […]

Which Business is Best For an E2 Visa?

E2 Visa Provides Foreign Entrepreneurs A Pathway to Legal Immigration An E2 Visa may be obtained by foreign entrepreneurs from countries of origin which have a Treaty of Trade and Commerce with the United States. Once obtained, such E2 Visa holders (and their family) may reside in the United States for two years (and may […]

The Purpose of A Business Buyer/Business Seller Meeting

Establishing Trust Is Key for South Florida Business Sales In business as in life, establishing personal rapport and honest communication is essential for two parties to trust and understand one another. When buying and selling a South Florida business, the direct principals of the deal (the actual buyer and seller) invariably meet in person at […]

Introductory Guide to Buying A South Florida Business

Buyers Should Be Prepared Prior to Searching for A Business Many people dream of one day achieving their financial independence from operating their own business. There are many wonderful businesses for sale in the South Florida market to choose from that range in size from very small ‘mom and pop’ shops to multi-million dollar business […]

The Role of the Deposit in South Florida Business Sales

Deposits For Business Sales Are Typically Refundable Many buyers and sellers of businesses are somewhat surprised to learn that deposits play far less of a role in business sales compared to real estate sales. In fact, deposits sometimes are not even given at all for some business sale transactions. Businesses should be viewed as a […]