How to Sell Nail Salons

Selling A Nail Salon Nail salons exist in most major commercial shopping plazas in the South Florida area. Some beauty salons offer both hair and nail services (and other services such as spa treatments), but nail salons only specialize in nails. Often, nail salons will have an exclusive right to provide nail treatments within their […]

How to Sell a Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurants Make Great Investments In the world of business sales, a pizzeria is generally known as a small Italian restaurant that primarily serves pizza for both dine-in and carry out/delivery. As pizza is one of the most popular foods of all time, owning a pizzeria can be a very satisfying and financially rewarding endeavor. […]

How to Sell a Home Health Agency

Healthcare Businesses More Valuable in South Florida It is no secret that South Florida has a very large percentage of its populating consisting of seniors over age 65. Indeed, 25 percent of the population in Palm Beach County consists of individuals aged 65 years or older. This compares to about 17% of the general population […]

How to Sell A Nurse Registry

What is A Nurse Registry? A nurse registry is a specific type of healthcare company that provides healthcare (or companion care) for patients in their home.  The regulatory body of Florida nurse registries – the  Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) – defines nurse registries as “An agency that offers healthcare related contracts for registered nurses, […]

How to Sell Dance Studios

Dance Studios in South Florida Children oriented dance studios are an increasingly popular venue for parents who indulge their children’s creative whims in a physically healthy way. Dance studios offer various classes with differing themes including jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, and modern. Frequently, the children then perform recitals and participate in competitions among teams […]

Who Should I Contact to Sell My Business?

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein Experience Matters in Business Sales Many business owners spend the vast majority of their working life never once thinking about how to sell their business. They are rightfully concerned with operating and hopefully growing their business, and correctly focus their energy into creating a successful […]

How Accounts Receivables Impacts Business Sales

What Are Accounts Receivables? Accounts receivables represents money that is owed to a business by a customer or payor for services rendered or products sold. Any customer account that must be collected after the completed transaction is a part of a company’s accounts receivables. Actually collecting on such account may become problematic. After all, since […]

Your Business Exit Strategy

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” -Winston Churchill Every Business Owner Should Have An Exit Strategy A business exit strategy is the means by which an entrepreneur or business owner will liquidate or sell their ownership stake in a business.  Options include going public as an Initial Public Offering ‘IPO’, selling to […]

Sell Your Business Confidentially

A Confidential Business Sale Requires Experienced Business Broker Today’s business sellers are often very concerned with their confidentiality during the sales process. Most sellers of businesses do not want their customers, employees, vendors, or the general public to know that their business is for sale. Such business sellers fear the loss of business or loss […]

How Higher Interests Rates Affect Business Sales

Higher Inflation Means Higher Interest Rates During an economic cycle, the appearance of inflation causes the value of purchasing dollars to fall. Lenders then get paid in dollars that are worth less, and will in turn demand higher interest rates in order to combat depreciating effects of inflation. Since inflation seems to be an ever […]