How to Sell A Private School

Selling Private Schools In the 2023 school year, about 13% of all students in Florida attended private schools.  There are 2326 private schools in Florida compared to 4229 public schools. Private schools serve students K-12, with an average annual tuition of about $10,000 in Florida. The majority of private schools are religiously oriented and some … Read more

How to Sell A Retail Business

Selling A Retail Business Many different types of retail businesses are sold in the South Florida market. Retail-oriented businesses sell products or services to the general public from ‘storefront’ locations. Several factors differentiate the sale of retail businesses compared to service-oriented businesses. These include a special focus on the gross profits of retail businesses, the … Read more

Prepare Your South Florida Business to Sell in 2023

South Florida Business Climate in 2023 Business owners in South Florida who are thinking of selling their business in 2023 face unique advantages compared to business owners in other parts of the country. Almost 1,000 people per day are moving to Florida, and this trend is expected to continue at least thru 2025. Many of … Read more

Direct Communication Between Business Sellers and Business Buyers

Business Sales Are Confidential Unlike real estate transactions, business sales are confidential in nature. This means that the actual identity of the business is kept confidential from the public, and all prospective buyers of the business must complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and financially qualify themselves prior to obtaining the confidential information about the business … Read more

How to Sell A ‘Local’ Business

What Is A ‘Local’ Business? Local businesses sell their products or services within a local geographic area . The customers of a local business physically reside in  one city or county (such as Palm Beach County). A local business may have more than one location, and may be a very large business, but only sells … Read more

Three Steps to Take After Selling Your Business

Three Steps to Take After Closing The sale of one’s business can take many months of preparation and stressful negotiations before the actual closing occurs. Many sellers of businesses do not realize though that they must still take a few key steps after the sale in order to fulfill their obligations to the buyer and … Read more

Hire the Right South Florida Business Broker

Find Business Broker with Experience and Expertise A business owner that is seeking to maximize the purchase price of their business while maintaining the confidentiality of the sale should hire a professional business broker to sell their business. An experienced and expert business broker (who only sells businesses full time) has the tools and know-how … Read more

How to Sell Auto Body Shops

Selling An Auto Body Shop An auto body shop is a vehicle repair center that exclusively focuses on fixing a vehicle’s exterior and non-moving parts. Common repairs in body shops include restoring a vehicle after an accident or collision, dent repairs, paint restoration, bumper repairs, auto body panel repairs, and windshield repairs. In contrast, regular … Read more

How to Sell Nail Salons

Selling A Nail Salon Nail salons exist in many major commercial shopping plazas in the South Florida area. Some beauty salons offer both hair and nail services (and other services such as spa treatments), but nail salons specialize in nails. Often, nail salons will have an exclusive right to provide nail treatments within their commercial … Read more

How to Sell a Pizzeria

Pizza Restaurants Make Great Investments In the world of business sales, a pizzeria is generally known as a small Italian restaurant that primarily serves pizza for both dine-in and carry out/delivery. As pizza is one of the most popular foods of all time, owning a pizzeria can be a very satisfying and financially rewarding endeavor. … Read more